From Blogger to WordPress

I’ve just moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress. I couldn’t take it anymore. WordPress is better because:

  • the content management system actually resides on the same server as the blog site. When was down, it seemed so stupid to me, that I couldn’t publish content to my own website, which was running fine, because I had to post via a third party. Now, if I edit anything, I don’t have to “republish.”
  • catagories. If someone reads my blog for Firefox tips, they may not want to read about Thunderbird tips, or my musical interests (or my gripes about content management systems 🙂 )
  • adding a comment is one meeeellion times more user friendly.
  • I have greater control over my web feed. In WordPress the URLs of my previous blog posts are slightly different. Most feed aggregators would treat them as new posts (flooding Planet Mozilla with my previous posts); so I can limit the number of posts in my feed, not to include posts made on Blogger.
  • tied into the above, I can import posts/comments from other blog management systems.
  • like Mozilla’s extension capabilities, there are WordPress plugins available to extend the functionality of WordPress. Case in point, I’ve always liked Livejournal‘s feature that allows you to mention what music you are listening to, while posting. There’s a wordpress plugin, that allows me to do that in WordPress.
  • I can add themes from third party websites. I haven’t decided which one I’m going to stick with yet (and I’ll probably tweak it); but it’s nice to be able to find third party themes. (like a Firefox theme)

Maybe I’ve just graduated from blog kindergarten; that’s all.