Whole Lotta Theme Discussion Goin’ On

Those interested in giving feedback on purposed changes to the Firefox 2 theme, should head over to the mozilla.dev.themes newsgroup, where there is quite a bit of feedback/discussion taking place.

In addition, the SeaMonkey Council wants to give SeaMonkey a new default theme. Head over to the mozilla.dev.apps.seamonkey newsgroup, to give your feedback on that.

In other news;
we may get our first alpha release of Thunderbird 2 this week.

Getting rid of the ‘blocked pop-up’ yellow bar in Firefox

Some people prefer it, if Firefox does not display a yellow alert bar in the browser, when a pop-up window has been blocked, citing a preference of pop-ups to be blocked “silently.” You can get rid of it, by modifying a hidden setting.

In Firefox, go to the URL: about:config
Search for the preference privacy.popups.showBrowserMessage.
Double-click on it, which should modify the value to false.

Give attachment names more room in Thunderbird

It’s been a while, since I’ve posted a Firefox or Thunderbird tip; which I assume is the primary reason I have any subscribers. I apologize. Here’s another Thunderbird attachment box tip, that I’ve found useful.

Thunderbird has a width limit on the display of attachment names, which means if an attachment has a long name, the full name may not be displayed. Instead you’ll get an abbreviated version. For example, “abcd…xyz.eml”.

You can increase the width limit, to fit your tastes. This is particularly useful for those with large screen resolutions. Add the following script to your userChrome.css file:
#attachmentBucket, .attachmentBox {min-width: 30em;}

“30em” is what I use, but you can modify that to your liking.

My Playlist

iTunes Music Store has a section called “Celebrity Playlists”, which contains playlists made by music celebrities. Why each user can’t create his/her playlist is beyond me; so I’ve created my own, to post on my blog. -)

I tried to cut out as much as I could…honest!

01. Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now [WMA][iTunes]: I first heard this at a club, when it was mixed with Spin Spin Sugar by the Sneaker Pimps, and thought it was cool. I then heard the entire song, specifically the intro. It is the probably the best intro I’ve ever heard. I love them long build ups.

02. 54-40 – Miss You [iTunes]: I’ve always been a 54-40 fan. Some people consider them a pop-rock band, but that’s only because their song writing is so good.

03. A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario [iTunes]: This should be put in vault, and preserved for future generations. One word: craft.

04. Beastie Boys – Get It Together [iTunes]: I had to get a Beastie Boys tune in.

05. Bj√∂rk – Joga [WMA][iTunes]: AKA “State of Emergency”. The strings, the groove…it’s beautiful.

06. Coldplay – Clocks [WMA][iTunes]: Yeah, it’s overplayed; but this is one of very few tunes that I’m still not sick of. I can listen to it over and over again, and not get enough of it.

07. Def Leppard – Let It Go [WMA][iTunes]: Some of you probably don’t know this, but Def Leppard used to be a rock band. -) And a great one at that.

08. Diana Ross and the Supremes – You Keep Me Hangin On [WMA][iTunes]: I don’t know if there’s a specific reason for including this. Everyone should have a Supremes ‘best of’ album in their collection; and this is just one of my favourite tunes.

09. Finley Quaye – It’s Great When We’re Together [WMA][iTunes]: I’m quite disappointed Finley Quaye wasn’t more popular than he was. I remember listening to his “Maverick A Strike” album, while walking to work everyday in hot whether. “It’s Great When We’re Together” is just pure class.

10. Guns N Roses – 14 Years [WMA][iTunes]: Hehe. Get dumped by a girl, then listen to this song. -)

11. Gustav Holst – Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity [WMA][iTunes]: Maybe Gustav Holst isn’t mentioned in the same instances as Ludwig van Beethoven or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but he’s my favourite composer. His “Planets Suite” is a fantastic example of how a story can be told simply through music, which is why I think he’s the grandfather of movie music. In Boston, I was lucky enough to get a copy (this was before MP3s) of ‘The Planets Suite’ played by the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, and I played the CD in our high-school music classroom during lunchtime. The music department head came by, as ‘Mars, the Bringer of War’ was playing, and commented, “John Williams ripped someone off.” ‘Jupiter, the Bringe of Jollity’ is such a beautiful peace of music, its climax will almost bring a tear to your eye. It’s no wonder why it was Princess Diana’s favourite song (someone else later put lyrics to the melody), and played at both her wedding and funeral.

12. INXS – The Stairs [WMA][iTunes]: One of the things I love about INXS is their ability to make something so simple sound so full. “The Stairs” is as uplifting and inspirational as you’re going to hear.

13. Kula Shaker – Temple Of Everlasting Light [Youtube]: This is another “why weren’t they more popular” band. When that chorus kicks in, be ready…

14. Led Zeppelin – The Battle Of Evermore [iTunes]: Led Zeppelin is the greatest band…ever. Try to put together a “Best of Led Zeppelin” album. It’s a box set!

15. Motley Crue – Live Wire [WMA][iTunes]: Yeah, I admit it. I’m a fan of “the Crue”. -) Just don’t listen to this while driving. You’ll get pulled over for speeding, without realizing how fast you were going.

16. Our Lady Peace – Hope [WMA][iTunes]: I feel sorry for OLP. How do you follow the Naveed album? Naveed is the soundtrack to my high-school years.

17. Portishead – All Mine [WMA][iTunes]: The lyrics. The production. The vocals on “mine”. It’s scary good.

18. Rage Against the Machine – Township Rebellion [WMA][iTunes]: Did I say that Naveed is the soundtrack to my high-school years? Naveed and Rage Against the Machine’s debut album are the soundtrack to my high-school years. Township Rebellion is the best example of how cool RATM is.

19. Rush – The Weapon [WMA][iTunes]: I’m a male musician, who grew up in Toronto. I was listening to Rush before I could walk. After that, I really became a fan. In my opinion, ‘Signals’ is their best album.

20. Soul II Soul – Back To Life [WMA][iTunes]: Another one of those “I’ll never get sick of” tunes. I wonder about the origin of that drum loop.

21. Supergrass – Moving [iTunes]: There’s something about that chorus, I can’t put my finger on. The harmonies, the hand claps, the production. I love it. Hand claps are underrated.

22. The Clash – The Call Up [WMA][iTunes]: If someone mentions ‘punk music’, what do you think of? Driving simple guitar lines, and screaming vocalists? The Ramones? The Sex Pistols? The Clash are one of the most experimental bands I’ve heard, and they are amazing songwriters. “The Call Up” defies all the stereotypes of punk.

23. Nina Simone – Sinnerman [WMA][iTunes]: If you’re not a fan of jazz, you haven’t heard Nina Simone.

24. The Verve – This Time [WMA][iTunes]: A friend of mine once asked me, “If you were stranded on an island, what three albums you most like to have?” I think ‘Urban Hymns’ may be one of them.

25. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers – Runnin’ Down a Dream [iTunes]: Usually, when listing the best songwriters of all time, people tend to mention John Lennon, Paul McCartney, maybe Paul Simon, Johnny Cash. In my opinion, Tom Petty is the best songwriter ever.

26. U2 – Please (Single Version) [WMA][iTunes]: The first time I heard this was when U2 played it on the MTV video awards (probably ’97). By that time, a typical MTV award performance had become either a high-adrenaline, ‘get the crowd involved’ type performance, or a quiet, intimate ballad. “Please” is neither; and for the first time in a long while, the music was so good, I forgot I was watching a performance. “Please” is not a one-trick pony. It’s a dynamic journey.

27. Spacehog – Mungo City [WMA][iTunes]: This tune is catchy enough as it is, but when that robot starts singing the chorus, only Spacehog can pull that off. This song begs for volume.

28. I Mother Earth – Levitate [MP3]: It’s just a forgotten great tune…a forgotten great album.

29. The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter [WMA][iTunes]: Her name is Merry Clayton.

30. Massive Attack – Teardrop [WMA][iTunes]: There are a couple of friends of mine that I can’t thank enough, for turning me on to Massive Attack.