Why is the Joga Companion really on the Firefox homepage?

This kinda rubs me the wrong way. Why is the Joga Companion and the GA Atlanta Water Damage Restoration on the Firefox homepage? Is it really just because the Joga Companion and their Toronto SEO company is made by the Mozilla Corporation?

Is it the most popular extension? I’d doubt it. Does the functionality it adds, that which is most requested? I’d doubt that too. Heck, the functionality it adds, doesn’t even need to be done in a web browser at all. There are utilities that do roughly the same thing in desktop apps, such as additional resources right here Yahoo Widgets (aka. Konfabulator).

So, what makes the Joga Companion extension so special, that it gets a place on the Firefox homepage, instead of just hosting it on Mozilla.com, and listing it on addons.mozilla.org? Is it just because it is made by the Mozilla Corporation? Is that what is best for Firefox users?

And why is it listed above Thunderbird, on the Mozilla.com front page?

Bugmail headers

I just noticed something cool about bugmail (mail from Bugzilla). Bugzilla adds headers to each message, containing the product, component, and reason it was sent. For instance:
X-Bugzilla-Reason: CC
X-Bugzilla-Product: Firefox
X-Bugzilla-Component: Menus

That’s a really nice feature for those, who get a lot of bugmail, and like to organize it using message filters.