I got a virus

Well, it a appears I got a computer virus.
I don’t exactly know how. F-Prot detected a few files in my Java Plugin cache last night, but the service person took one look at Limewire, and suspected that.

So, my laptop is out gone to be serviced for the next while, with no guarantee I’ll have my data, when I get it back. The ironic part is that I recently bought an external hard drive, and moved a lot of info I had on CDs to it. Not much in the way of important info, with the exception of Firefox, Thunderbird, and Sunbird profile backups from May 26th. I did manage to transfer most of my current Thunderbird profile before the computer froze. I then couldn’t get that far again. The important info is on a partitioned drive, so hopefully it will not need have to be deleted.

Having said that, don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me in a while. I’m posting this via the family computer, and trying to salvage what I can from the external hard drive. It’s also a good time to go to a bar.