No More

By far, my biggest source of spam comes from being listed on WHOIS. There are protector and privacy services available, but not for .CA domains (or other country codes).

So, right now, I’m looking into a new domain name. Unfortunately, “Ilias” is also a first name in Greek, and the name of an open source project for teaching tools; so when I did a lookup of ilias domains, what do I get:

I’m exploring my options.

Answering website feedback

My apologies to everyone who has sent me website feedback in the past month. As you may know, my previous computer (specifically the motherboard) broke down, and I had to get a new one. Getting all info back, and setting things back to normal has taken some time; but I’m now getting around to website feedback, and updating my site.

Getting Spellbound to work with Deer Park (Firefox trunk).

Any Deer Park (Firefox trunk) users, who like to use the SpellBound extension, will probably have noticed that SpellBound does not work on Deer Park Alpha 2, and the latest nightlies.

To fix it, you need to download and install (or unzip) the latest Thunderbird trunk build.
– in Deer Park, disable the SpellBound extension
– close Deer Park
– in the Thunderbird program folder, go into the \components\ folder, and copy the files: myspell.dll and spellchk.dll
– paste them into the \components\ folder of your Deer Park program folder
– start Deer Park, and enable the SpellBound extension

You should have to restart Deer Park, and you’re done! -)

XPI blocking whitelist in the Mozilla Application Suite

Many people don’t know this, but the XPI blocking feature in Firefox is also in the Mozilla Application Suite, starting at version 1.7 and up. They just couldn’t get a user interface for it, on time for Mozilla 1.7.

By default, the “Enable Software Installation” setting will not block anything. Simply unchecking it, will turn XPI installing off all together.

To enable software installation, but but only for certain sites, you first need to enter about:config in the browser location bar, then search for the preference xpinstall.whitelist.required, and set it to true.
By default, there is one site on the whitelist: To add a site to the list, use about:config to look for the pref xpinstall.whitelist.add, double click on it (or right-click on it, and select ‘Modify’). Set the value to the domain you want to add. For example:

To remove an entry from the whilelist, you’ll have to close down Mozilla, go to your profile folder, and manually remove the entry from the file hostperm.1.

Related bugzilla items: 240552, 270170, 246131.