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Small attachment icons in Thunderbird 2

by April 18, 2007 Mozilla, Thunderbird

After we worked out how to limit the height of the attachments pane in Thunderbird, Windows users now have to deal with big attachment icons.

What’s up with that? 🙂

Here’s how to make those icons small:
Go to Tools–>Options–>Advanced–>General, and click on “Config Editor“. In the Config Editor, search for the preference mailnews.attachments.display.largeView. Double-click on it, which should change the value to false.


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  1. Hey, this should be added to the Tips & Tricks page!

  2. Thanks! I was wondering how to do this

  3. Nice tip. No idea why the default is large, it makes things look so klunky!

  4. You are great! Nice trick! I like small icons too, and now I am almost fully satisfied with TB 2.0. Thanks a lot.