Improving add-on installation for non-browser products

This is something I’d like to help draw some attention to. If you are using a Mozilla product, that is not a web browser, figuring out how to install an add-on turns into a very user-unfriendly experience. Too many times, I’ve seen questions from Thunderbird users, wondering why the extensions they want to install are not showing up in the Thunderbird Add-ons manager; or they get a message saying the add-on is not compatible with Firefox.

It’s especially confusing, when the web page for each Thunderbird add-on on AMO has a big green “Install Now” link.

Scott MacGregor has created a wiki page for improving add-on installation in Thunderbird, and posted in the newsgroup. If you’ve got any ideas for a solution to the problem, please let Scott and the AMO team know about it.Meanwhile get your discount by using the free promo coupon.