How to change the colour of link previews in Firefox 4

In Firefox 3.6, if you want to see the destination URL of a link in a webpage, you can hover the mouse over the link, and the URL will be displayed in the status bar. In Firefox 4 Beta, the destination URL is now displayed in the Location bar.

There have been complaints the the light grey colour makes the text hard to read. This is something you can fix right now with a userChrome.css tweak.

  1. In Firefox, click on the Firefox button and go the Help menu, then select Troubleshooting Information. This will open the about:support page.
  2. Click on Open Containing Folder. That will open Windows explorer in your profile folder.
  3. Create a new folder called “chrome“.
  4. Navigate to the \chrome\ folder, then right-click and select New > Text Document.
  5. Name the file “userChrome.css“.
  6. Open userChrome.css, and insert this text:
    .urlbar-over-link-box {color: #0000FF !important;}
  7. Save userChrome.css and restart Firefox. Link destinations should now appear in blue.