Why Blog?

This being my first blog post, it begs the question, “Why blog?”
CNN and The Daily Show have been making a big deal about blogging; but I still don’t understand what the big deal is. When Homer Simpson was building his infamous MrX website, Lisa told him, “you have to offer people something.” What’s ironic is I want to know what the ability to blog offers me. (forgive me, I’m a Generation Xer)

From what I’ve seen of other blogs, it’s easily something that can already be done. Other methods to voice one’s opinion, publish news, or keep an online journal, are:
– create a website
– post to a newsgroup, web forum, or mailing list

What makes someone prefer a blog?

Most of my participation on the internet has been in the form of Mozilla and Netscape user support, which is usually done in a ‘forum’ format, not a blog. Heck, even my website is simply a resource of information to help people use Mozilla or Netscape. There doesn’t seem like much need for a blog. What, amongst what I can offer, is best suited for a blog? Now that I have a blog, what would I offer people with it?

I don’t have the answers just yet; but I do have a blog.