My #1 Thunderbird bug

If I get another duplicate item in any of the RSS feeds I subscribe to in Mozilla Thunderbird, I’m going to puke!

This is a known bug [Bug 258465]. What’s worse is there seems to be no pattern. At least something to help coders identify the source of the problem, so they can figure out how to fix it.

If any Mozilla Thunderbird users out there have any info on what the cause may be, please provide info on the bug 258465 page. (Please only comment on that page, if you have helpful info. No “me too”, or “I hate this bug” posts.)

Bug 258465 is marked as a Thunderbird 1.1 blocker. Thunderbird 1.1 isn’t planned to be released for a long time, but the fact that is flagged as a blocker should be an indication of priority.

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  1. glenneroo December 15, 2005 / 3:46 pm

    gosh my vast googling to find other concerned users amounted to this blog entry.. other than that nobody seems to notice or is not using the RSS in tbird???

  2. Dr Bds December 30, 2005 / 5:46 am

    Was also looking for some kind of a fix to this prob… Seems to me it has not been resolved yet. My research only showed that this problem has been present for over a year now.

    I think I might have to eventually give up RSS feeds in TB. It takes me more time to resolve wich feeds are actually new, than to read them.

    Wish there would be a way to “Reclaim my inbox”:)

  3. dh4 April 3, 2007 / 12:37 pm

    You should download this extension:

    Remove Duplicate Messages

    It won’t stop you from getting duplicate messages but it WILL allow you to delete them with one right-click menu selection

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