Subscribing to newsgroups on with the Agent

1. Open Agent and go to Tools -> Servers and Accounts.

2. In the Servers and Accounts window, click on "New".

3. Set the host name to, then click on "Next".

4. Set the account name as then click on "Next". (Using the server name, would probably be least confusing.)

5. No login is required for

6. Verify your account information, then click on "Finish".

7. Your account should appear listed in the Servers and Accounts window. Click on 'OK" to close the Servers and Accounts window.

8. You will then get a message asking you if you'd like to download the list of newsgroups for that account. Choose "Yes".

9. Next, go to Tools -> Newsgroup Directory.

10. The Newsgroup Directory window will appear, and list of available newsgroups. In the bottom half of the window, make sure that under "Show newsgroups hosted by selected servers", it says "yes" beside (If it doesn't, just double-click on it.)

11. Above the "Begin Search" button, enter the newsgroup you want to subscribe to, then click on "Begin Search". You can also enter part of the name.

12. Available newsgroups that match the search criteria will appear listed. To subscribe to one of them, select the newsgroup, and click on "Add Newsgroups to Desks". An "Add Newsgroup to Desks" window will automatically appear. Click on "OK" to confirm.
To subscribe to more groups, just repeat steps 11 and 12.

13. At this point, Agent might show you a usable tip. Read it, and click on "OK". You should arrive back at the Newsgroup Directory window, with your subscribed newsgroup displayed in bold. Click on "Close", and you're done.

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