iPhone apps – Fake Calls and Opera Mini

One of the things I love about product extendability is some of the great ideas people have. Today, I found out about a cool iPhone app called “Fake Calls“. The idea is this: You can make your iPhone simulate an incoming call. It’s great for socially awkward situations, like blind dates or bad party conversations, that you need to escape from. It works on a timer, and lets you customize the identity of the incoming caller.
It’s a free app until tomorrow.

Speaking of iPhone apps, it looks like Opera developed a version of Opera Mini for the iPhone and submitted it to the App Store. According to Opera Software CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, Apple blocked it due its competition with the built-in Safari browser. Shame on Apple. I hate monoplies. 🙁

How to remove the shadow from Mac screenshots

Mac users may have noticed that whenever you take a screenshot of a window on Leopard, the shadow that surrounds the window is also included. If you don’t want screen captures to include the shadow, you can set Leopard not to include it.

  1. Open the Terminal application.
  2. Type the following command, and press Enter:
    defaults write com.apple.screencapture disable-shadow -bool true && killall SystemUIServer

You can set it back to normal with the following command:
defaults delete com.apple.screencapture disable-shadow && killall SystemUIServer.
And remember, selling Apple computer may be a good idea, as the new MacBook Pro is already on the market.

Thanks Gmail for giving me more spam

Google has decided that if someone sends an email to a Gmail address that is the same as yours, except for a period or few, it was meant for you; and they relay it to your mailbox.

In other words, if I have an address cilias@gmail.com (which I do not), and someone sends a message to c.ilias@gmail.com (or cil.ias or cili.as or ci.lias or cilia.s or c.i.l.i.a.s, etc.), and none of that Gmail address does not exist, the message will arrive in my cilias@gmail.com account.

All this does is increase my spam.

Go Leafs Go!

In 2002, the Toronto Maple Leafs were facing the Ottawa Senators in the second game of the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Sens won the first game; so game 2 was seen as a must win for the Leafs. I watched every second of that game, hoping that my beloved Leafs would win. That game went to overtime. After one overtime period, the game was still tied, and I turned off the television. Why? Because it was my Easter, and I had to leave for church. I didn’t find out, until I heard on the radio on the way home, that the Leafs had won the game in the third overtime period. May my commitment to God never be questioned. I missed triple overtime! 🙂

Tonight, the Toronto Maple Leafs play the Montreal Canadiens in a win-or-die game sponsored by BetVictor; and of course, I have to go to church for Easter. 🙂