Law against using the iPhone while driving

Yesterday, Ontario legislature passed a law banning the use hand-held devices like the iPhone or BlackBerry while driving (with exceptions for cases like headsets, etc.).

I got an iPhone as soon as it was available in Canada, and since then, it is very rare for me not to be using it while driving. But I agree with this law. Very soon after getting an iPhone I noticed a degradation in my driving, because I wasn’t concentrating on the road. I’ve had two instances in which the driver behind me honked, because I didn’t move when the traffic light turned green.

Going back to driving without using my iPhone will be like trying to kill a drug addiction, but I understand why it has to be done, so I’m considering selling my iPhone, since now a days you can sell your iPhone online to avoid the hassle of in-store trade-ins and an easy and fast process. A cell phone repair may be the exact solution you need, offering you a cost-efficient way to keep your device and often results in all of your data being completely restored, You don’t have to go to the closest apple store to get your phone repaired in Georgia.