Is your email address safe from spam on

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding the new Mozilla news server is whether or not people will need to munge their posting addresses, to prevent spammers from getting their addresses, like they do on Usenet newsgroups. I’ve never been able to answer that, because I just don’t know. is not propagated to Usenet, but is archived on Google; so the question is: How much of that spam is a result being archived on Google, and how much is a result of being propagated to other Usenet servers?

The Good:
I’ve created an email alias specifically for, which I only use on If/When I get spam, I can look at the headers, to see if it was sent to my address. Currently, 1 month after the server went live, 207 of my posts are on Google. I have not received any spam sent to my address.

The Bad:
Just recently, it appears one independent news administrator decided to work around the lack of usenet feed, by copying the articles right off, and mirroring them on his/her own server. Potentially, he/she could feed the groups to usenet.

The Ugly (profanity ahead):

Any news administrator who decides to do this, is an asshole for doing so. People post messages on with the impression that their posting addresses are not going to be propagated to usenet. The Mozilla Foundation consciously decided not to propagate to usenet; and this(these) news admin(s) are completely disrespecting that decision, and being inconsiderate to those using All because one or two people are too spoiled and lazy to set up a second news account in their newsreader (which can easily be done).

February 24, 2006 update: I have just received one spam message sent to my address. Probably due to bug 326759

How to upgrade Firefox 1.5

As I’ve been reading various discussion groups, it occurs to me that when a user reads that Firefox is out, he/she rushes to the Mozilla website to download it. Sorta puts all that hard work on the update system to waste .

Yes, I know the majority of Firefox users probably don’t hang out in technical discussion groups; but still, wherever you see an announcement, let them know that 1.5 users can use Help -> Check for Updates.