Restructuring My Website

I’ve got a problem. My mailnews FAQs are getting too big for one page. When I first created my help sites, I had considered the idea of putting each item on its own page, with a table of contents linked on the page menu. This would make it easier to provide URLs for each answer, and search engine results would be more accurate.

The problem: what if I want to change the template? My Netscape 7 Help site currently has 185 FAQs. Add the pages linked in the site menu, and that’s almost 200 pages to edit. And I still have around 20 or 30 more to add! I use an external style sheet which would take care of a bit…but not enough.

With a publishing system, like a blog, I am able to change the template, and that change is applied to all pages already published. I need something like that, for my help sites. I’ll do some searching, but if anyone reading this knows of a solution to my problem, please tell me about it.

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