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Subscribing to newsgroups on news.mozilla.org with SeaMonkey

1. Open the SeaMonkey Mail & Newsgroups Winodw and go to File -> New -> Account.

2. The "New Account Setup" screen should appear. news.mozilla.org is a Newsgroup account, then click on "Next".

3. Next, you need to set your identity for this account. Use whatever name and address you'd like, then click on "Next". A few notes:
- a real name is always better than an alias
- don't use your first name only. You'd be surprised how many people have the same first name as you. :-)

4. Set the server name to news.mozilla.org, then click on "Next".

5. Set the account name to news.mozilla.org then click on "Next".(Using the server name, would probably be least confusing.)

6. Verify your account information, then click on "Finish".

7. Select news.mozilla.org in the folder pane (left pane), and click on "Manage Newsgroup Subscriptions".

You can also right-click on news.mozilla.org and select "Subscribe".

8. The Subscribe window will appear, and download the list of available newsgroups from the server.

9. In the "Show items that contain" field, enter the newsgroup you want to subscribe to. You can also enter part of the name.

You can also browse the available groups by clicking on the + to the left of a newsgroup tree, expanding the view.

10. Available newsgroups that match the search criteria will appear listed. To subscribe to one of them, click on the newsgroup, and check mark the box to the right of it. You can also click on "Subscribe", and a check mark will automatically appear in the corresponding box.
[screenshot] or [screenshot]
To subscribe to more groups, just repeat steps 9 and 10.

11. Click on "OK", and you're done.

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