4 Replies to “Attention Netscape users”

  1. I recommend Opera.

    Some highlights:
    – faster startup with smaller memory consumption
    – true web standards support
    – mouse gestures and configurable keyboard shortcuts
    – ad-blocker
    – per site preferences
    – real zooming / fit to width


  2. To make the transport easier, the utility/software/program MozBackup provides export/import/backup for Netscape(7), Mozilla, SeaMonkey, Thunderbird, Firefox.
    Their upcoming version 1.4.8 (allready available in test-builds) adds support for Netscape Navigator (browser) 9, Netscape Messenger (mailnews) 9 (ntbr?), SeaMonkey 2 (nyr), Sunbird and Flock.

    Maybe many people loyal to the old Netscape suite would be interested, not mostly in Firefox, but rather in SeaMonkey (browser+mailnews+composer+chat).

  3. I wonder how many Netscape users there are. Also, is there a bug for supporting N9 in the Fx import wizard?

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