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Warning when opening a large number of tabs

by December 19, 2006 Firefox, Mozilla

Firefox 2 has a lot of small usability changes, that are great. I’m sure we’ve all accidentally middle-clicked on a bookmark folder, or live bookmark, only to be bombarded with many many tabs opening many many web sites at once. In Firefox 2, if you trigger an action that will open 15 or more tabs at once, Firefox will ask for confirmation.

But what if you want to change that threshold? Well there’s a preference setting for that. 🙂
Enter about:config in the address bar. In the resulting page, search for the preference browser.tabs.maxOpenBeforeWarn.
Double-click on it, and set the value to the number of tabs in which you want to start receiving the warning.


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  1. this is a good feature that i’ve seen elsewhere.

    was a design decision made against loading each tab in turn?

    this seems to me like it would also eliminate the slowdown, while allowing users to browse as normally (e.g. the tab with focus will have priority to load).

  2. Is there any reason not to set this to 2? Do you ever open two tabs at once?

    BTW my name (Frederik Vanderstraeten) doesn’t fit in the Name input.

  3. @Frederik Vds:
    I’m regularly opening up to 8 tabs simultaneously by opening all bookmarks in a folder in tabs. Getting a warning dialog every time would be very annoying.

  4. I am just polishing off a new XP reinstallation and tweaking all the little things, this one I couldnt remember its place in the the config section, so thanks for the reference 🙂

    “Frederik Vds” – Vds as in STD’s? if so Im glad you couldnt fit it all in

  5. That is a GREAT feature. I can’t stand that when I accidentally click on something and it opens a million tabs that I don’t want to see. I typically will just close my browser completely and then re-open a new one to find the content I was looking for. I’m glad that firefox installed this new feature.