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Firefox is not the only app getting a “visual refresh.Arvid Axelsson has been hard at work, creating a new default theme for Thunderbird 2, and we finally have a preview. Arvid has posted some screenshots on MozillaZine of the:

Scott has also posted a couple of screenshots on bug 345887.

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  1. Cool! But I guess i can’t help wondering why radiant core haven’t been given the task (or Mr Gereich) to make the theme for Thunderbird 2… to have it match Firefox 2.

  2. That’s a theme, not a visual refresh. I hope the broken XUL gets fixed in 2.0. The upper half of the compose window is too large, and you can’t shrink it or the lower toolbar gets covered up. Using multiple lines for the addresses is clumsy and slow and it needs to go, in favour of address tags Apple Mail / Outlook style.

  3. My biggest wish for themes in Firefox and Thunderbird is that they should have a more native look when run under KDE desktop in Linux. Now they look so out of place 🙁 Other than that the new theme does look nicer. Great job.

  4. I agree about the RSS icon, it’s a bad idea to change it. Mozilla has said that it is supporting the standard RSS logo, and this has broken the mould.

  5. I’m not sure if this is an improvement. The new theme seems a bit stiff. I particularly don’t like the new mail folder icon, it looks too Phoenity’ish and flat. The glossy gradient in the Options window is a nice touch though. Finally, the RSS icon needs to be standard. The proposal icon used in the theme doesn’t even make me think of RSS.

  6. If I throw something in a fire, I expect it to burn up and be unavailable, just like shredding it but with more air pollution. However, that should not be the behavior of the junk button.
    Maybe more of a “training“ icon?
    A whip and an envelope?
    A ruler and an envelope?
    A rolled up newspaper?
    Or a crumpled up paper? (hard to draw)
    Or a envelope torn apart?
    The last seems good: an envelope torn in two.
    Many people tear some of their junk mail, such as from the credit companies with checks you can spend to transfer your balance.
    Ruler and envelope also seems good, it conveys some sense of analyzing the message, but not for what purpose.
    Maybe could combine them, a ruler measuring envelope torn in two.

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  8. The
    View: All/Unread/Has attachments combo box seems to have dissapeared??
    i hope not, i’m using this feature ALL THE TIME.

    esp. unread & has attachments.

  9. Since when has a campfire flame been an appropriate icon for junk mail? Maybe if thunderbird was implementing Eudora’s mood watch functionality it would be make sense. You could then have a flame button with that icon. Otherwise makes no sense.

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  11. Arvid does great work, I hope he brings out a new Qute theme for Firefox incorporating some of these new design elements. As, I way prefer the Qute themes to the default.

    I liked the way the Qute 3.1 theme is, with the new more standard looking RSS icon.

    The more glitz on the icons is nice too, helps give it a nice perk up. No radical changes are needed in my opinion.

    keep it going Arvic.

  12. Hi,

    It really sounds interesting looking at the screenshots , i am using thunderbird 2.0 Alpha is it possible to get your theme to test it.


  13. Hi Chris,
    do you happen to know if the new theme, or actually thunderbird 2 itself, will support Tab view of the messages. cause today i read about it, in a sperate build of thunderbird 1.5 and 2. and i didnt understand if its something which will be offically part of thunderbird.

  14. The new T-Bird theme has made it into the 1.8 branch, and I must admit, I really like it a lot. There’s also a new theme very similar to this in the 1.8 branch of Firefox, and it’s just as clean and beautiful. For anyone wondering, both T-Bird and Firefox nightlies have been very stable. They’re definitely worth a look.

  15. I like that new theme alot. Its clean and simple and the icons are cute. I like the tag icon especially.
    I hope you stick with this theme, if not, at least put it up in the themes section.

    Incidentally, I have Thunderbird 2 alpha now, any chance of being able to download it please?

  16. I have just downloaded the latest trunk Thunderbird 3a1 and this theme is now default. I have to say I adore this theme.
    It is clean and fresh and looks very professional. Not saying themers are not professional, but I am sure you know what I mean when I say that.
    I am very pleased with it. Thankyou.

  17. Looks like Radiant Core’s not doing the default theme for Thunderbird either.. Heck Mozilla Corp may have paid them lots for FF 2, but I hope at least Radiant Core becomes kind enough to skin Thunderbird 2 as a way of giving back to the open source community. Just so we have a bit of uniformity here

  18. I too, wish they would get rid of the multiple lines for the addresses. 90% of the time I’m sending an email to only one person, and the three other lines are distracting. 9% of the time I’m sending an email to dozens of people, and having to scroll around multiple address lines is a real drag.

    And the RSS icon needs to go. IE7 even agreed to use it, so Mozilla has to. “There can be only ONE!”

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