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Getting rid of the ‘blocked pop-up’ yellow bar in Firefox

by July 6, 2006 Firefox, Mozilla

Some people prefer it, if Firefox does not display a yellow alert bar in the browser, when a pop-up window has been blocked, citing a preference of pop-ups to be blocked “silently.” You can get rid of it, by modifying a hidden setting.

In Firefox, go to the URL: about:config
Search for the preference privacy.popups.showBrowserMessage.
Double-click on it, which should modify the value to false.


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  1. I’m as big a fan of doing things the esoteric way as the next guy, but for general advice to the average punter, wouldn’t it be better to suggest clicking the “Preferences” button in the infobar and selecting “Don’t show this message when popups are blocked” the next time it shows up and annoys them?

  2. I didn’t even know about that! 🙂

  3. This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Brilliant. I have been wanting to that forever.



  5. Thanks for that. I wanted to do the reverse operation, so I found the line and changed it back to “true”. I had previously disabled the warning bar as Phil Ringnalda expained, but I didn’t know how to restore it.