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Firefox has NOT been released

by March 11, 2006 Firefox, Mozilla

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  1. Oh man, there isn’t even a candidate yet.

  2. – “We reverted the listing back to Firefox will be listed when it is officially released by Mozilla.

    More sites who claim Firefox is out

    Already a couple of sites pointing to a tinderbox link(why tinderbox idiots) and saying that 2.0a1 is out just because the mozilla 1.8 branch nightlies was changed from 1.5 to 2.0a1

  3. i will dispute everything said here.

    Firefox is released somewhere as i have records of it accessing my site.

  4. Firefox is released somewhere as i have records of it accessing my site.

    Those are called test builds. Not the actual release.

  5. What are the changes in unofficial Mozilla Firefox

  6. Tomi Rautio said…
    what a heck is this site then?

    Tinderbox builds are test builds, which may contain bugs, developers do not want in the final release. These builds still need to be tested for quality assurance.

    In fact, with Mozilla development, there is a new build made available every day, which contains the previous day’s work. They are made available for testers. For instance, if you go to you’ll find builds labelled version 1.6a1. There’s a new binary there every day, but they’re all labelled 1.6a1. Even though the build changes every day, the version number stays the same (the build number changes).
    Same goes for Thunderbird:

    In fact, there are new candidates available for testing. See:

    Welcome to open source development. 🙂

  7. yes, thanks man. i started testing fi-language version ( 5.4 ) and waiting final ff

  8. FireFox is Best Web Browser !