Moving the Home button on Netscape7

This is one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ questions, that I answered long ago, and kept the answer on my hard drive. The question was from a Netscape 7 user, who installed the Home button for the Navigation Toolbar. He wanted to move the button, so instead of being beside the navigation buttons (Stop, Reload, Back, Forward), it would be to the left of the throbber.
Here’s how to do it:

– Close Netscape

– Use a file zipper/archiver, such as Winzip, to view the contents of home.jar. It will reside in either the \Netscape\chrome\ directory, or your profile’s \chrome\ directory, depending on where you installed it.

– Open homeOverlay.xul in a text editor, such as Wordpad.

– Scroll down, until you see the line that starts with:

– change the id to throbber-box, so it looks like this:
<hbox id=”throbber-box”>

– a little lower, you will see a line that starts with:

– at the end of that line enter the attribute position=”1″, so the line looks like this:
<toolbarbutton id="home" class="toolbarbutton-1" label="&homeButton.label;" position="1"

Save homeOverlay.xul in C:\content
– Using Winzip, add the file C:\content\homeOverlay.xul to home.jar, and remember to enable the option to save the folder info. This way, you keep the \content\ file path within home.jar.

– save and close home.jar

The result should be like this: