Feed URL change

I’m changing the URL for this blog’s RSS feed. I’ve never liked the fact that Blogger.com only offers atom feeds, so I’m going through FeedBurner, which turns the feed into RSS 2.0 format. The Blogger.com atom feed will probably continue to be updated by Blogger.com, but I’d rather people use the FeedBurner feed.

I’ll change the link embedded in my blog soon. (If anyone knows how to make it automatically set the link type to “application/rss+xml”, rather than “application/atom+xml” please tell me.)

And the new feed URL is…

I also want to figure out how to automate RSS feeds for comments on my blog. That’s how it should be.

Making Thunderbird use Google Maps

[for Mozilla Thunderbird users]
If you use the address book in Mozilla Thunderbird, you’ll notice a little button that appears in Address area of the Card Summary Pane, entitled Get Map. If you click on it, your default browser will open, going to the MapQuest website, in search of a map to that person’s address. Pretty nifty. ;-)
Some people might prefer to use Google Maps for this feature. Here’s how to change it:
It would probably be best to use the AboutConfig extension; so if you don’t already have it installed, install it.
Using the AboutConfig extension, look for the preference:
Double-click on it, and edit the value to:
For more info see: