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Removing entered data

by August 17, 2005 Firefox, Mozilla

[for Firefox users]
Here’s another frequently asked question about Firefox:
When I start entering text in to a search field (or any other text field, like name, address, etc.), I get a drop-down list of items I previously entered in the same field. How do I remove one of those entries?

Use the arrow keys (one your keyboard) to highlight the item in the list, you want to remove. Hold down the Shift button, and press Delete.


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  1. The ultimate porn searchers tip

  2. LOL @ Alex Jennings

  3. Thats Doesn’t remove the data you need to go to the Crtl+Shift+Delete then it should wipe the data. you may have to configure the clear private data in the firefox options. You can have it wipe all the cookies, addresses, passwords (all the private data). Hope this is more helpful

  4. u don’t have to hold down shift

  5. geeezup:
    1. The need to hold down Shift is dependent on the operating system. See the Firefox Support article.
    2. Look at the date of the blog post. 🙂

  6. well! This post came to late fame!

  7. Guys, all you need is a freeware program called Sandboxie. It opens your browser in a quarantine zone, so that when you delete the zone, EVERYTHING that was inputted/downloaded/cache’d is gone. There is an option for recovery though, but if you choose not to, say goodbye to everything. Useful for trying out new programs and stuff, cookies, inputted search queries…Viruses and spyware also have no chance, because whatever to install in installed to the quarantine zone, NOT your hard drive. Check it out, seriously.

  8. Firefox has an add-on called “Distrust”. When you turn it on then wherever you go i.e. whichever site you open , NO HISTORY gets stored anywhere on your computer…

  9. Excellent tip thanks

    lmao at comment #2

  10. Or, just go to the Privacy settings and uncheck the box mark “Remember information I’ve entered in forms and the Search Bar”, or similar.